25 February 2012


A win is a win, even when it is "won ugly".

The Brumbies defensive line was magnificent. It was almost unbreachable all game.

In the last few minutes, the Force were playing in their Red Zone, and could have set up for a drop goal, but they didn't seem to see it. An ugly way to win, but still a win.

My take on it - the Brumbies are yet to gel, as a unit, but that is not surprising as this was their first outing. I think that they will gel reasonably quickly.

Their backs looked promising at times, but probably lacked that last little bit of confidence. Coleman ran wide in the first half, and there wasn't too much going on down the middle, but, that said, they were playing a tight game around the rucks.

The kickers were both on song, and honours were even, there.

The difference was most likely the Brumbies defensive line. You got the sense that the Force just did not know how to breach it.

That might be the case for a lot of other teams, if they don't think their way through the contests.

Overall, I would give the Brumbies a 6/10 score, but that effort, tonight will give the coaching staff a hell of a lot to work with.